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Jet Airways Chennai


The Jet Airways flights from Chennai to Mumbai are of 1 hour and 45 minutes duration. There are a whopping 9 flights flying everyday, daily. You can even get an onward ticket to your remote destination from Chennai. Jet Chennai has the advantage of being the most well-connected airways to the rest of the country. You have cheap Chennai flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad (via Mumbai) and mainly all the metros of India.

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Chennai is the pride of the South. You can visit many adjoining temples and marvel at the architecture of the Chola and Pandava periods. So, you think this is a lesson in History? Well, it could double up as a lesson in Geography too!! Chennai has some of the best South Indian cuisines available. So if you're a die-hard foodie, you can experiment with Chennai gastronomy.

Jet Chennai has all the features that you are looking for. On international flights like the Chennai-Brussels-Chennai, Chennai-Singapore-Chennai and Chennai-Toronto-Chennai, you also have the choice of a Kosher meal, all you have to do is place your specification order 48 hours before the flight. On the international circuit, Jet Airways Chennai connects to Singapore, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Brussels and Dubai.

Jet Airways has international partnerships with leading brands such as United, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, NWA, Lufthansa and a host of other international airlines. So you can book a ticket to any part of the world sitting right at your office desk. Jet Airways has Jet Privilege facilities by which you can add up your flying miles if you're a frequent flier.

Chennai is also fast developing into an IT outsourcing hub, so if you want to expand your business or are looking for land to set up a branch, you know where to go. And Jet Airways will take you there. You can also visit the Middle East with Jet Airways' partners like Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad and Gulf Air airlines. It's a safe and secure way to travel. Most importantly, you get value for your money and a great flying experience. So make sure to include Chennai on your itinerary, next time.